About Us

CySkyImages, formed in 2014, started life as a hobby and a tool to show H2Owen Ltd. customers not living in Cyprus, remedial works to their pool and property with a photographic record of the progress including before, during and after completion.

This enhanced the relationship between H2Owen Ltd, and its customers who were then accurately informed of the works.

Most customers were so delighted with the video record that they asked for further footage to include the surrounding area to show family and friends. CySkyImages was born.

Michael Owen and David Rainford have over 100 flying hours between them and have been rigorous in their communication with the Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) from the outset to ensure full compliance with the rules and guidelines for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) commonly known as “drones” . We have been told we are the first organisation to do so.

CySkyImages is delighted to have produced videos for Kolios Winery, Aqui Restaurant, numerous private villa owners, the Sandy Beach Chloraka. All commercial flights must be and are approved by the DCA in advance. As a commercial drone operator we must also hold appropriate insurance with copies of certificates and drone details lodged with the DCA.

For further information please do not hesitate to give us a call!