Terms and Conditions

1) The “company” is CySkyImages.
2) The “client” is the party for whom aerial work is to be carried out by the company in return for compensation in the form of an agreed fee.
3) “Materials” and/or “product” from the flight mean photographs and film in electronic form on any suitable recording media.
4) Equipment means the aircraft or drone, the controller and any ancillary tools, landing pads, gimbals, cameras and paraphernalia needed to support the flight.
Terms and Conditions
5) These terms and condition shall apply to any contract between the company and the client and may only be modified by agreement in writing.
6) Any terms and conditions which a client seeks to impose by means of a “standard purchase order”, other document or email are invalid unless agreed and acknowledged in writing by an authorised officer of the company.
7) The contract may be cancelled by the client up to 24hr in advance of the scheduled flight time providing only that receipt of such cancellation has been acknowledged. Any advanced payment will be refunded less a handling charge of 10% to cover a administration costs.
8) The client is responsible for ensuring the site is adequately prepared and free from materials he/she does not wish to appear in the photographs and film. Some editing can be done to frame shots where materials cannot easily be removed.
9) The client shall have a free licence to use the materials delivered for his/her own purposes providing always that the copyright of CySkyImages is acknowledged.
10) Title to the materials produced from the flight remains with the company until payment has been received in full.
11) The client has no rights to the unedited material from the flight save that this may be provided by agreement under the same terms as clause 6) above.
12) The company will be free to use any materials from the flight for the purpose of example and promotion.
13) In the event of an accident, however caused, the company shall be given free and unfettered access to the site for recovery of any and all equipment which may be affected. For the avoidance of doubt, if the aircraft were to lose control and crash onto the roof or any structure on the site, the company would be given free right of access for recovery, at the company’s expense if additional equipment were to be needed.
Flight Operations
14) Flight operations are governed by the Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) who may refuse permission to fly or may place restriction on date, time and flight envelope.
15) Flight operations are subject to weather conditions for the safe operation of the aircraft, its stability for good quality images and to attractively illuminate the subject areas being photographed.
16) The dates and times of flights may change accordingly without prior notice and such dates and times do not form a condition of the contract.
17) If the DCA will not approve the flight the contract will be cancelled and any prepayment will be refunded.
Limit of Liability
18) The company’s liability is limited to the value of the contract or in the event of accident to the reparation of any damage caused.
19) The company shall not be liable for consequential losses of any kind.
20) Payment terms are 50% or €1 on order, whichever is the larger, with the remaining 50%on delivery of electronic media.
21) Delivery will be in the form of electronic media comprising edited material of the agreed duration.
22) Copyright will remain with the company to the extent limited by law. Currently the life of the author plus 50 years in Cyprus.
23) The company warrants that the edited material or product from the flight will be suitable for use and can be recovered using standard, current, electronic tools for reading and reproducing the material.
24) The company further warrants that it will repeat the work at its own expense if the delivered media is defective and cannot be recovered or replaced by re-editing the materials from the flight.

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